• Organic weed control / hand weeding
  • Mulching / decorative stone
  • Design and Installation
  • All plants carry a 1 year warranty!

   We can provide many phases of your landscape project from design and installation to cleaning up your existing beds. We take pride in using native plants and organic materials. We can hand weed your beds for a clean and classic look and add mulch to create definition.
   Mulch has multiple benefits from providing organic feed for your plants to keeping mowers and weed wackers away from damaging plants and trees. We can cultivate your existing mulch to freshen up your beds, but also to increase airflow and decrease water runoff. We can also supply you with a variety of mulches from black dyed to classic pine bark.

   It is important to understand the correct way of mulching. There is a way to over mulch which you can see all over in landscapes right now. Over mulching can be damaging and fatal to the trees and plants. It can become compacted causing excessive water runoff, hold too much moisture in around the base of the tree and plants creating fungi and infestation, and even bring the root system to the surface.

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